The Illinois Development Council has five categories of membership: (1) Active; (2) Associate; (3) Affiliate; (4) Corporate; and (5) Honorary Life.

Active members are engaged in economic development on a full-time basis; or an individual whose full-time activity is devoted to economic development activities within the state of Illinois

Associate members are engaged in economic development on a part-time basis, and whose activity is divided among unrelated activities to development within the State of Illinois; or an individual whose activities are supportive to the economic development process as well as those involved in improving the social environmental and legislative areas that impact the overall economic health of Illinois communities and the State. An Associate member does not have voting privileges.

Affiliate members are  not engaged in economic development either on a full-or-part time basis; one who supports programs and/or organizations that are engaged in full-time economic development within the State of Illinois. An Affiliate member does not have voting privileges.

Corporate membership allows companies to designate full membership for five individuals at the current dues rate, plus a complimentary listing of up to fourteen additional economic developers from the same corporation. The five paid members receive all benefits of membership and the additional 14 individuals of the corporation are listed in the directory but are treated as nonmembers and are required to pay nonmember fees to conferences. Only the five full-membership members have voting privileges.


Honorary Life membership is granted at the discretion and approval of the Board of Directors to an individual who is a member of the Council for at least ten years; performed meritorious service for the Council; was an effective economic developer, and is retired or retiring from full-time active involvement in economic development. Honorary Life members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the Council except voting, holding office, or payment of dues. 

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