Unless you're an expert on cars, fixing them in particular; some car problems require that you take your car to the mechanic to get the problem fixed.  If you try to fix some of these more complicated problems yourself, you may just cause even more damage to your car, and even possibly cause it to not be repairable.


There are some car repairs, however, that if you learn how to do yourself, or if you take the time to do yourself instead of taking your car to see a mechanic, will end up saving you a fortune in the long run.  If you don't  know how to do some of these repairs, watch a video online and figure it out.  There a zillion videos on YouTube alone that will show you how to do most of these things....basic car maintenance that every single car out there requires.  If you don't speak car, and the internet videos don't help, ask a friend or neighbor to show you how to do these things.  The next time they need done, ask them to supervise you to make sure you are doing it correctly.  By the third time they need done, you should be able to do it yourself, because, as they say, the third time is the charm.  The things I'm speaking of is basic car maintenance, such as rotating your tires, changing your oil, changing your windshield wiper blades, topping off your fluids and changing your brake pads.


Regardless of whether you do these things by yourself, or take your car to a mechanic to get them done, you will still spend some money, since the products have to be purchased.  However, if you do these things yourself, you'll save a fortune on labor costs.  If you know exactly what product to purchase, or go to a car parts type store, such as Autozone, and ask for advice on which product to purchase, then you can even save money on the cost of parts, since mechanics tend to jack up the price on parts as well, or use whatever they have on hand, while an alternate product may be cheaper.



You should always have a best floor jack and a spare tire on hand.  Other products, such as oil filters, oil, windshield wipers, and other fluids you can purchase on an as needed basis.  Keeping current on your car maintenance is very important.  If you stay on top of basic maintenance, then you'll need to purchase other more expensive items even less.  A key example of this is to rotate your tires appropriately.  The amount of times you need to rotate your tires varies based on the type of tire and mileage used.  If you use a car jack to rotate your tires at the recommended times, then this will ultimately save you from having to purchase tires on a more frequent basis.  Changing your oil at recommended intervals by yourself also helps prevent other vehicle problems.  Most places charge between $20 to $50 to change your oil, but if you do it yourself, you can spend less than $20.

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